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Podiatrist in equestrian sports based in Broek op Langedijk

Equisole.nl is based in Broek op Langedijk and has more than 40 years of experience in equestrian sports. Over time we have trained ourselves to be specialist in equestrian podiatry. In practice we have experienced that many physical complaints from riders of equestrian sports could be traced back to not proper fitting riding shoes or riding boots.

We have developed insoles for both Olympic and recreational riders. Custom made insoles have improved the performance of many equestrian riders and the symptoms have reduced considerably or even disappeared completely.

There are so many equestrian riders with complaints and it is our aim to help them as much as possible and get the fun back in riding again.

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We offer

Custom made insoles

In order to achieve the desired result, it is important that the insoles are precisely tailored. For this we work closely with Team Piet Raijmakers, a well known celebrity in the horse show jumping sport. He provides the size analyzes for the insoles to be produced so that we can fully adapt them to the needs of the client.

Our practice is easily accessible. No referral letter is required from a doctor or physiotherapist. We are happy to advise you if your costs are covered by your health insurance plan.

No two complaints are the same

To keep us informed of the latest developments in our field, we regularly do follow-up training courses to provide you with the best possible service. The therapy insoles we produce are of the best quality and completely custom made. No two complaints are the same, so the equestrian sports podiatrist conducts thorough research into the causes of each case.

Preparations for therapy

Intake interview

Before the therapy commences, there will be an intake interview to determine the cause of the pain complaints.

Gait analyses

This is followed by a gait analysis so that we can determine whether the posture of the body is correct or whether it is caused by incorrect footwear or both.

Functional examination

A functional examination will show whether the joints are moving properly and after this, the patient will get a foot examination. This allows us to determine how the gait is progressing, showing the position of the feet and how this can be corrected.

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Good cooperation with others in healthcare

Many equestrian riders have already benefited from our therapies. In addition, we have a good partnership with general practitioners and physiotherapists who can step in and take over if further care is required. This may be necessary for example if there are other underlying causes for the complaints.

We are also a member of the Netwerk Podologie TeamNL and we are part of the podology network of the NOC*NSF, which was established in 2017.


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