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The treatment of complaints by the podiatrist in equestrian sports

At Equisole.nl you have come to the right place to prevent or reduce discomfort that can arise from an abnormal position of the foot, ankle, knee, pelvis and back.

As a foot and pelvic specialist, we are able to positively improve the rider's posture and sitting. With the help of a custom made inlay it is possible to offer a good solution for an annoying complaint. We have a flex chair which can determine which side of the rider is the strongest.

With the manufacturing of insoles we achieve a balance so that the rider is more evenly distributed on the horse. This prevents complaints for both the rider and the horse.

The most common complaints which can be resolved by our professional therapies are:

Back pain

One cause for back pain could be a different length of the rider's legs. This makes the rider to sit unstable on the horse and causes the rider to lean to one side of the saddle.

In most cases these complaints can be eliminated by a correct insole that compensates for the difference in length of the rider’s legs.

Equestrian muscle problems
These are usually caused by tightening while riding. By adjusting the position of the thigh, less tension can be put on these muscles.
Knee complaints
This is a complaint that often occurs with show jumping riders. Pain complaints can arise from pressure on the meniscus, the cruciate ligaments and the kneecap. Our treatment can also provide a solution for this.
Ankle complaints
During riding, considerable pressure is exerted on the ankles. Often this is caused by an incorrect position of the feet while riding.
The whole body rests on our feet. During the trot, feet are constantly under pressure which can result in pain complaints. We also offer effective therapy for this.

Kirsten Beckers; Grand Prix dressage rider

Kirsten Beckers; Grand Prix dressage rider

Compiling a treatment plan

Research into the nature of the complaints

Intake interview

In order to set up at a good treatment plan, an intake interview is the first step. This allows us to determine the cause of the complaints and to rule out other causes.

Functional examination

The follow-up process consists of a functional examination in order to determine the mobility of the joints and after this, the patient will get a foot examination. We then examine, among other things, the wear patterns of the soles of the shoes, which can show the cause of the complaints.

Gait analysis

After the functional examination a gait analysis will follow. This will determine whether the complaint is caused by an incorrect gait or incorrect footwear or both.

Quality registration

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Every 5 years your therapist is reviewed against current requirements and legislation. Your therapist is for the period 1-1-2021 to 31-12-2026 again certified. If you want to check this you can look up the data via www.kabiz.nl/raadplegenregister/


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