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Jasja van Veen
Jasja van VeenRegistered podiatrist

About me

Podiatry in equestrian sports
based in Broek op Langedijk

My name is Jasja van Veen. I am a registered podiatrist, MSU sonographer, podiatrist in equestrian sports, affiliated with TamNL and NOC*NSF and equine osteopath in training.

Since I was 7 years old, I have a great passion for horses. I have always been riding horses and have had many lessons and training in the Netherlands and abroad. After a year of working abroad I came into possession of 2 foals and I was over the moon. The horses grew up while I was studying agriculture. For over 10 years I worked in that field and then I decided to change career and study podiatry. This study took 4 years in which I also became a mother of 2 wonderful children.

I kept the horses while my children and husband also developed a passion for them and life continued.


Effects of sitting

In the meantime I had specialized myself in the ultrasound of the foot and ankle and in lower back complaints. In my practice I came across several examples of people with a sedentary occupation and back problems.

This also brought me to the idea that a therapy insole could possibly influence lower back pain while sitting. At that time I had a young horse that was overly agile and needed the support of the rider very much to be able to keep in stride. But I had an idea .. could these insoles also help with horse riding? I made insoles for myself and decided to put it to the test. First I rode 14 days with insoles and then 14 days without. I asked a friend to observe and comment on what she noticed without knowing what I had done. She noticed the horse was a lot more stable when I wore the insoles.

And that was the deciding factor for me to explore and expand in this area. With several riders I tested whether there was any effect and as it turned out ... 90% had significant improvement with using insoles.

Custom made inlays help to overcome the following complaints:

Unequal leg length

Crooked sitting

Pain in hips

Discomfort of ankles

Calf cramps

Knee problems

Ankle pains

Achilles tendon complaints

Foot problems

Burning toes


Would you like to have your complaints resolved or would you rather prevent them?

Please contact us today for further information. We are happy to help you.

Joyce Wolters A-cadre KNHS

The Equestrian Sport Podiatry was now really established

We are recognized by the NOC*NSF where I have been part of the Podologie TeamNL NOC*NSF network since 2017.

Big thanks to riding school Beukers and the confidence I received from Ronald Beukers to be able to treat his instructors and their clients.

Since 2019 I have joined Team Piet Raijmakers and I am responsible for the Team Piet Raijmakers Next Generation Youth. The confidence of the Raijmakers family continues to ensure me that we are achieving good results. I do not only treat Dutch riders but also riders from other countries who are starting to find their way to my practice.

Since July 2020 I am involved as a consultant in the JSP (Jeugd Stimulerings Plan) KNHS Noord-Holland. These are 50 young riders who are training to be part of competitive sport riding.

For me to keep up with knowledge and skills, I have successfully completed a pre-bachelor course in podiatry in 2020.

In september 2020 I have started a training course equine osteopathy. This is a 3 year post graduate course where I will gain an even better insight and knowledge of a horse's body.

My aim is to let horse and rider work together as optimized as possible!

Because the best thing is to let horse and rider be happy to work with each other in full harmony.


Bijlestaal 52 1721PW, Broek op Langedijk