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Certified podiatrist in equestrian sports

Partners of Equisole.nl podiatry in equestrian sports

Proper fitting footwear can prevent many complaints for riders. As a certified podiatrist in equestrian sports, we have specialized in developing insoles for riders of equestrian sports.

Since April 2019 we have a partnership with Team Piet Raijmakers. Piet Raijmakers is active in equestrian show jumping and provides size analysis for us which allows us to make the right insoles which meet the purpose and requirements.

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Professional approach

We are a member of the Netwerk Podologie TeamNL

We are a member of the Netwerk Podologie TeamNL, an organization that brings athletes and fans closer together and also plays an active role in events and associations.

In 2017, the NOC*NSF established a podiatry network of which we are also part of.

If the treatment does not produce the desired result, we will work closely with others in the healthcare sector. For example, we can refer you to a doctor or physiotherapist.

Joyce Wolters, A-cadre KNHS youth

Kirsten Beckers, Grand Prix dressage rider.

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